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Canvas Pants in Espresso

€39,90 €89,90
What makes this the best pair of pants that you will ever own? That's easy, we built these with only with one thing in mind, comfort. The fact that they look good was a bonus. So let me take you through the why's.

The front of our pants are scooped down on the waist band so it tucks nicely under your shed, ( belly for those of you not in the know). We also carved the pattern so that it looked clean around the butt but we added extra room around the vitals, (can't beat a little circulation room around there)

You will notice there are 7 belt loops not the usual 5 so that when you run the belt through there are no gaping holes between the loops

We added extra room so you can get in and out of the front pockets and then we dropped a internal cargo pocket down on the right side of the leg.

Now most guys don't like their dressed pant to have a cargo pocket, even a concealed one, but if you are like me and don't carry a bag, and have stopped putting your wallet in your back pocket because it gives you back problems, then this is a great compromise.

Last but not least, we added adjustable tabs to the hem. I hate it when the backs of my pants drag in the mud so these fixed that problem.

  • Size Guide: XS-3XL

  • 100% Cotton

    Machine wash, warm. Do NOT bleach. Tumble dry, low. Iron on low setting.

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